May the memories of 
our departed brothers
always remain in our hearts.
They will always be
our brothers.

May our Lord's Precious Blood
 be with them
and with all of us forever. . . . 

John Belfatto
John Glinka
Charles Heurich

Beginning in 2013, a chalice to hold Christ's
Precious Blood has been commissioned and presented
in memory of our deceased brothers.


Paul Aubin
  presented to  Rev. Father Francis Kodelogo Ghana West Africa

Jacob Bieger
  presented to  Father Rodolio Lache- Avilla, Leesville, SC

Jim Bindner
  Jim Bindner

Ray Boelke
  presented to Deacon Jimmy Touzeau, Diocese of South Carolina

Ron Breznicky
  presented to  Mission de San Jose' del Cabo Anuiti

Stehen Chmil
  presented to  St. Josaphat's Monastery, Glen Cove, NY

Joseph Chott
  presented to  Deacon John Chott, Bel Air, MD

Tom De Maio
  allocated to Assembly 3272 Programs

Tom Delahunt
  presented to Rev. Reynard O. Tubid

Clarence Gamble
  allocated to Assembly 3272 Programs

Bill Graef
  presented to Father Yvon Sheehy SCJ, Franklin, WI

Dick Graziani
  presented to Richard C. Wilson, Diocese of South Carolina

Charles Honyotski
  presented to  Father Roger Morgan

Chappelle Johnson
  allocated to Assembly 3272 Programs

Shelden Keenan
  presented to  Father Paul Mac Neil, Pawleys Island, SC

Conrad Kohler
  presented to  Saint Cyril & Methodius Parish, Hazleton, PA

John Kraus
  presented to  Salvadorian Tanzania Mission

Tom Krug
  presented to Javier Heredia, Weston, MA

Rich Marino
  presented to  Father James P Gerrety, Ludlow, KY

Bill Mclean
  presented to  Catholc Church of the Infant Jesus,Marion, SC

Antonto Musto
  allocated to Assembly 3272 Programs

Al Salemme
  presented to  Father Patrick J. Stenson, Pawleys Island, SC

Ed Schoenig
  allocated to Assembly 3272 Programs

Hal Schwartz
  presented to  Bishop Roberto Camilleri, Comayagua, Honduras

Jack Shriver Jr.
  presented to  Andrew Fryml. Diocese of South Carolina

Gabe Timpano
  presented to Deacon Chuck Mathis

Bill Wichrowski
  presented to  Deacon Stephen Olenchpck, Pawleys Island, SC

May you look down upon us.
Your memories enrich all of our lives.

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